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At Earth’s End Hopes To Foster Camaraderie And Community In Princeton

Aug 29, 2022

At Earth’s End is a private members’ house connected to two retail fronts for the public that offers community and camaraderie.

A coffee shop, a cigar room and a member’s only club — At Earth’s End in Princeton offers three unique experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

Created by Sid Yu, Mitch Gorshsin and Reece Wilke, At Earth’s End offers community and camaraderie.

“We’re creating three experiences under one roof. There is a private member’s house called At Earth’s End, attached to that are two retail concepts for the public — Caffe by illy At Earth’s End, and The Parlour At Earth’s End which is a cigar-tasting boutique,” said Yu, co-managing partner who was previously Global Senior Vice President at Marriott International and global executive at Nike.

The concept for the private member’s club came to Yu and Gorshin after the latter moved to Haddonfield and found a lack of space to meet and socialize with friends. Gorshin is a co-managing partner and former Executive Creative Director at The Walt Disney Company –

“The member’s club is targeted toward upscale professionals who moved to the suburbs but still want to connect with interesting people,” Yu explained. “Our members include captains of industry, influencers and adventurers. The idea is to build camaraderie, talk politics and other issues in an interesting, respectful and safe environment.”

While most private clubs were earlier the domain of men, At Earth’s End nurtures a spirit of diversity by encouraging women and people of color to seek membership, Yu said.

Connected to the private club are the coffee bar and cigar parlor. Yu describes Caffe by illy as an “incredible coffee experience in Princeton.” Located in Nelson Glass House, the European-style coffee bar serves high-quality sustainable coffee in an indoor and outdoor setting. It has a Morning Caffe Room, the Sun Room and the Patio where patrons can enjoy their cup of joe.

“The coffee beans are absolutely unique. It’s more naturally rich, savory and has this very silky texture,” Yu said. “About 60 percent of people who come into the coffee bar are repeat customers.”

The third concept, the cigar room called The Parlour, has a mellow environment with passionate cigar smokers coming in, relaxing and sharing ideas, Yu said.

“The cigar smokers come from all parts of life. And what’s wonderful is when you see them come and participate in conversations,” Yu said. While most people think Cuban cigars are the best, The Parlour strives to showcase “boutique cigars.”

“Our approach is we want to offer really boutique, less known products that we call new modern classics. Most people still think that Cubans are the best. But there are incredible world-class boutiques cigars that we want to showcase.”

Owing to the diverse nature of Princeton, the municipality was a top choice to open At Earth’s End, said Yu.

“You can meet some really interesting people in Princeton. Plus, you have the university with its student, faculty and staff. They would enjoy our beverages and products,” Yu said.

For membership in the private house, interested residents can email [email protected]. “We seek people who are smart and curious, who share common values like humility and respect. We’ll curate that membership over time, but we’ll end up with under 200 members,” Yu said.

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