The House At Earth's End

Your Second Place. Intimate, private, close to home.

Visible only to those who
recognize the calling.

The Social

Cigar & Whiskey Bar
Personal Lockers
Mix Your Own Spirits

Ease and eccentricity extend their welcome as aromas of tobacco, wood, coffee, fine spirits and leather coax the worlds burdens from your shoulders.

1903 Den

Intimate Lounge for a trusted, like-minded community.

Pour yourself a fine spirit, light your best cigar and in moments, find yourself transported into a state of inspired relaxation.

The Library

Individual and communal spaces for thinking, achieving, discovering.

 A hidden place far from the mundane, where imagination lights the way toward the next adventure.


Pillars of Civility, celebrate the longstanding tradition of exchanging stories, spinning yarns and reveling in tales of travel and adventure.

The Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride

The Hunt

Iron Chef Dinners

Chess MasterClass

Mixology MasterClass

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