Pillars of Civility®

You might call us Pillars of Civility: adventurers, entrepreneurs, leaders of industry, artists, writers, designers, athletes, politicians and practitioners in the fields of law and medicine.

They come here for conversation and relaxation; to craft their next adventure or to mastermind their next endeavor. So come in, light your best cigar, bask in the warmth of camaraderie and marvel as you find yourself restored to the Pillar you’ve always been.

Subscription Types

We offer three core subscription packages to meet the needs of our communities. Subscriptions are capped to maintain an ambiance of assured ease and intimacy.

1903 Founders Subscription

An extra level of access and complimentary experiences along with unique responsibilities. Limited availability with House Founder status.

Civility Subscription

Our premium core membership providing access and experience of a hidden place.

Corporate Subscription

Membership level for five or more individuals from one organization who would like to join at the same time in part for access to a congenial work setting. One complimentary membership is included with this option.

Subscription Highlights

For Pillars of Civility®.  

If you venture into the unknowns of everyday life, taking on each challenge you encounter with vim and vigor, you’ll especially want to find your way here. Access and offerings vary based on subscription level.

Local House Privileges

  • Pursuit of camaraderie, civility, adventures, social business.
  • Play, work, self reflection.
  • Full Local House access to The Social, The 1903 Den, The Library, Public Market.
  • Private access with personal “key.
  • Complimentary guest privileges.
  • Private locker.
  • Storage of personal liquor and cigars.
  • Public Market discounts.
  • Complimentary gifts.
  • Complimentary & rental of Local House for private use.

House Adventures

  • Quarterly Social Soirees.
  • Iron Chef Dinners.
  • The Gentlemen’s Ride.
  • The Hunt.
  • Master Classes & Demonstrations.
  • Sport Classics.

Brand Privileges

  • Every House privileges.
  • Access to other Local Houses.
  • Regional & Brand events.
  • Access to wealth management guidance.
  • Access to CEO advisory guidance.

Subscription Criteria

Commitment to civility & respect

Readiness for camaraderie & adventures

Diversity in passion, interests, backgrounds


How to Become a Pillar of Civility

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