“Nothing adventured, nothing attained,” said author Peter McWilliams. Adventure is the ethos that guides the design of our Member events.

With construction at Princeton progressing, plans for an exciting roster of Member events are well underway. The events will be highly social, intellectually appealing and occur quarterly so that fresh adventures, small and large, near and far, will be on the calendar.

From local expeditions, like a sunrise balloon flight over rolling hills and picturesque valleys here in New Jersey, to discovery sessions with experts (think of an afternoon with a “coffee sommelier” in a vineyard setting, accompanied by live music or an evening of dance and conversation with members of the Philadelphia Ballet) the intent will always be to spark curiosity and fuel passion for life. 

Pheasant Hunting

NYC Speakeasy

Iron Chef Dinner

Further afield, there will be a romantic getaway to New York for a speakeasy-themed weekend. In season there will be The Hunt, then motoring in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Looking beyond 2022, luxury escapes to European destinations will dot the calendar. Intimate groups and unique access will be at the core of each event and, as always, Camaraderie, Civility and the spirit of Adventure will guide the way.