At Earth’s End announces the opening of its new, European-style coffee bar at 45 Spring Street in Princeton where caffe by illy, the global leader in the highest-quality sustainable coffee, is now featured locally in a boldly-designed indoor/outdoor setting.

The new coffee bar is poised to serve and connect the town’s residential and commercial communities. It’s location, The Nelson Glass House, is the site of a Princeton landmark.

“Our Caffe by illy, At Earth’s End is designed for the pleasure of coffee and the savoring of time.” says Mitch Gorshin, Co-Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer for At Earth’s End and former Executive Creative Director at The Walt Disney Company.

“Our dedicated baristas have honed their skills with an illy maestro who recently traveled here to share his knowledge with us. We serve one of the world’s best coffees in the welcoming, intimate atmosphere of the Coffee Bar, Morning Caffe Room, the Sun Room and the Patio.”

Baristas At Earth’s End place illy’s single blend coffee, made from the top 1% of nine Arabicas in the world, through a precise 24-second extraction that coaxes naturally smooth, creamy taste and velvety texture into every cup of the classic espresso-based drinks and specialty offerings featured on the caffe’s menu.

Cappuccino Viennese, Espresso con Panna and Hot Melting Snow, a beverage that contrasts hot and cold then coffee and cocoa to reveal taste and temperature sensations one after another, will be on the menu which, in coming weeks, may also include Italian sweets like Bomboloni, Sfogliatelle and Coppin Ferraris.

“We are grateful to have an opportunity to add a boutique coffee destination to this dynamic town just steps from Palmer Square and Witherspoon, and celebrate the art and science of illy,” says Sid Yu, Co- Managing Partner and past Global Senior Vice President at Marriott International and global executive at Nike. “Princeton is our launch point in adding illy-based caffe bars and other new consumer concepts to suburbs such as Summit and Montclair, NJ, Greater Philadelphia, Greater Washington DC, Connecticut, and beyond.”

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