Motorcycle racing, St. Tropez, magnificent design projects around the world  – these are all part of the life of one of our Pillars of Civility.

Greg Dembs could boast of the excellence of his professional life. He could indulge in the details of luxury travel he and his glamorous wife, Jennifer, enjoy with their three grown children. He could regale fellow Members with his personal best racing statistics – the ones he breaks with thrilling frequency. Instead, it requires a fair amount of coaxing to discover that the gentleman mixing himself a Manhattan at The Social at Ends of the Earth, for one, an accomplished architect – Greg has worked with world famous architect Peter Marino on award-winning projects worldwide for over 25 years. 

360 ft Yacht build

Greg is an exemplar of Camaraderie. You may be in the company of the accomplished and the adventurous but you’ll rarely find anyone roaring about their endeavors. Instead, those stories will emerge, arising with ease when the mood and timing feel right. Until then, listen carefully for the approach of those moments – almost like the distant sound of a precisely-tuned engine in the distance. You might like to think of it as the hum of tales yet untold.