In an age of frank outspokenness it has become rare to encounter civility in either conduct or discourse. Adam Puff, a Pillar of Civility, entered the political arena in 2021 determined to keep courtesy at the forefront of his campaign for Commissioner in Haddonfield.

Adam is a pillar of that civility. It’s one of the reasons he feels in his element where entrepreneurs and artists, men and women of all political persuasions and citizens of the world, come together over the finer points of life. 
Adam launched his campaign for Commissioner in the town that was his childhood home. It’s where he and his wife, accomplished photographer Jessica, are raising their three daughters. It’s also where his business, Haddonfield Financial Planning, is established. Decades of hands-on service in Haddonfield prepared Adam to identify the most effective solutions to the town’s most pressing issues and inspired him to spearhead a campaign defined by open, thoughtful discussion between neighbors. His effort stood in sharp contrast to the unpleasant tenor of recent campaigns at the national level. His approach also set the tone for most of the 2021 campaign season in his town. 

With characteristic civility, Adam congratulated victors after Election Night. His campaign succeeded in bringing both attention and urgency to the resolution of local issues. Today, Adam continues to dedicate time, treasure and talent to ensuring the future of Haddonfield.