On the horizon for At Earth’s End, The Glass House at Princeton, is a late-April quiet opening for what will become your Second Place. With the space now built and thematic elements being installed, the At Earth’s End vision is taking place, one of a setting where imaginations will be sparked and the spirit of what makes us feel alive – Camaraderie, Civility and Adventure – will be nurtured.

Now, during this last stage of the journey toward opening, we look forward to serving you very soon with an escape from the mundane that will make the everyday feel faraway. A historic design feature we discovered at Bookbinders, the Philadelphia landmark, is now a part of At Earth’s End where it now stands in the Library. We like to call it The Chair of Greatness. In the 1903 Lounge you will discover unique seating that includes a circular settee as well as a 32-foot-wide lighting feature, one we received with gratitude when it was bestowed by the Princeton Rowing Club.

As you emerge from your At Earth’s End lair through a private door you will find yourself in the welcoming space we’ve created at 45 Spring Street. There at Caffe by illy At Earth’s End, you will discover a European-inspired caffe experience featuring espresso-based classic coffee drinks crafted with illy coffee as well as the temptation of fresh Italian pastries. The caffe menu will highlight specialty coffees such as the Cappuccino Viennese, the Espresso con Panna and Hot Melting Snow alongside beloved Italian sweets like Bomboloni, Sfogliatelle and Coppin Ferraris. You might like to take your coffee to-go on hectic days but there will be times when you may forgo the rush to take in the local scene from our street-view standing tables, our morning caffe room or our charming patio.

Adjoining the caffe will be The Parlour At Earth’s End, a cigar tasting boutique for the aficionado as well as those new to the leaf. It has been designed to be intimate and social. To facilitate the cigar selection process, there will be curated recommendations that feature The Modern Classic and The Select Collections.  A Cigar Concierge will be present at key times to serve as one more source of knowledge on occasions when you may like to savor something different.

We expect to quietly open late April with a more formal celebration in May. Please stay tuned for upcoming details. In the meantime, we join you in anticipation of all that Spring holds in store and wish you success in all you will endeavor as you lean into the fresh start of the upcoming season.