The “Exhaustinator” – Fresh Air

When At Earth’s End was imagined, part of the vision included creating a setting where everyone could be comfortable whether taking time to reflect or work solo; socializing with a large group of friends, enjoying a cocktail or relaxing with a cigar. In order for that plan to come to fruition we had to ensure that clean air would flow continually into At Earth’s End. With the installation of a powerful, commercial-grade air filtration and ventilation system, a.k.a. The “Exhaustinator”, we have created a setting where cigar lovers and non-smokers will be at ease in each other’s company.

Our world-class HVAC ventilation system continuously pulls stale air out of the space while circulating fresh outdoor air throughout At Earth’s End every second of the day. This system, which sends clean, filtered air into all areas, not only provides the level of ventilation required by law but exceeds it. Essentially, clean air is pulled in as the air present in the room is expelled, an action that helps clear the air of aroma as well as of irritants, allergens and viruses.

Being able to gather people together comfortably is crucial to everyone’s enjoyment which is why this investment in The Exhaustinator has been made. Fresh, clean air will always be a priority At Earth’s End.